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NavalArt review

-Join our Discord channel to give feedback and learn about upcoming updates! Lets make NavalArt more enjoyable, together!
-Feel free to contact the dev if you come across a bug, or have any suggestion.

Please Note:

-NavalArt is still being refined, so please read our description for the early-access status. Somehow our Early Access has been cancelled, but remember there are still a lot of things we will add. We will kick the updates in every 1-2 months, with a lot of content additions. Also, we are not planning to develop clients for mobile platforms because we wish to focus and accelerate our progress on the PC version. There will not be in-game purchases of any kind in NavalArt.

Game Description:

-NavalArt is a sandbox game that combines design, construction, physics, and combat, offering players a variety of experience in different stages. Players will play as designer, engineer, and commander, respectively, and guide their fleets through the ages of steel and nerve.


-As a player, you will construct your warships in dock, using parts offered by the game. Through careful placing and adjusting the parts, you can shape your warships to anything you like.
-You can take unfinished/newly finished ships for trials, and see if it is satisfactory. Command your warships and progress through the campaigns to earn rewards!

Game History

-The idea of the game came from the unfinished IOS-based BattleshipCraft developed by Phyzios, Japan. In 2017, a group of programmers in China re-created the game using unity3d (in which the later developer of NavalArt played a major role), and re-named Process the Battleship. In determination of delivering the most engaging gameplay with the richest content of the kind, the dev started over and crafted the NavalArt.


Historic Equipment
Numerous Campaigns
Under-water View
Real-time Physics Calculation (including the waves)
Various Sea Conditions
Quick Battle Mode
Gallery Mode

What We Plan to Add

Submarine & Aircraft Carrier Gameplay
More Default Maps
More Armaments (including modern weapons, such as Phalanx and missiles)
Steam-based Multi-player Battles

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