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Brawl Stars by Supercell is one of the most popular games on Google Play right now. If you try to attribute Brawl Stars to any genre, then it resembles a team network shooter, although this is not quite the correct definition, given the large number of game modes that significantly change the rhythm and rules of the gameplay.

  • a large number of heroes
  • different game modes
  • short but intensive battles
  • no special need to donate.
  • matchmaking issues
  • unbalanced brawlers.
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  • Compatibility:
    4.3 and up
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    Everyone 10+Fantasy Violence
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Choose Your Hero

In Brawl Stars, you control one of 22 heroes. Each of them has a unique attack style and special skill. Players observe the battlefield above, so trees, bushes, and hedges are transformed into magnificent hideouts. Here you can get close to enemies through the thickets, tumbledown with your cannons, constantly change your position, set inconspicuous traps, and much more. This approach makes the gameplay very lively and dynamic.

At the beginning of the game, you will fight in 3v3 teams and capture ten crystals, then test yourself in the royal battle, fight in deathmatch and play other exciting modes. Because of the significant differences between the modes, the game cannot be called a shooter or battle royale. And this is very cool since you have access to various tasks and pace of the game.

Simple But Fun

With all the variety of content, the game is surprisingly minimalistic. There is nothing superfluous in the main menu, and you can quickly enter any game mode. Also, there are no restrictions like energy or boxes on timers. Each victory in the game is generously rewarded: your character rises in rank. You get tokens for opening boxes, from which you can get coins, materials for enhancement, and even new heroes.

Graphics And Control

Brawl Stars works excellent on any device and has an attractive graphic style. Bright heroes (for example, a wild girl in a bear hat or a skeleton mariachi) fight in exciting locations. The whole action is accompanied by explosions, flashes, and other special effects.

Rating 9/10

The game is thought out and worked out in the smallest detail - both in terms of graphics and gameplay. All the mechanics, from control and shooting to the rules of combat modes, will really delight players. At the same time, there are no restrictions in Brawl Stars: play as long as you want without interruptions, without spending real money. Donate is not required at all: you can get what you need in the process of a free game in a fairly short time.

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