What Acne Cleanser Should I Choose?

If you are having troubles deciding just what acne cleanser is right for you and your skin, read on:

What Type of Cleanser do you Like?

You can find a facial cleanser in almost any form. From bar to liquid, foaming to non-foaming, there is an acne formula out there that will come in one of these types. It isn’t so much the form that proves whether or not a cleanser is effective, so it really is just a matter of preference. Keep in mind that the cleansers that are lotions or that are non-foaming are not as drying to the skin as foaming cleansers are, so if you tend to have dry or sensitive skin, you may want to skip on any foaming cleansers;

NOTE: You may have heard that you shouldn’t ever use a bar cleanser, but it really comes down to choosing the right kind of bar cleanser for your face. Reputable brands such as Neutrogena and Dove offer quality acne-cleansing bars that are not drying to the face and that will not exacerbate your acne symptoms.

Should I Choose Medicated or Non-Medicated?

You can find medicated acne cleansers over the counter and you can obtain them with a prescription. These types of cleansers contain ingredients such as sulfur, salicylic acid, and benzyl peroxide. Medicated cleansers are great in that they can really help reduce the chance of having blocked pores, which in turn will help reduce any breakouts you may have otherwise experienced.

The downside to medicated cleansers is that they can really dry out your skin, and they may not be that effective if you are already using another acne treatment product. If you have dry and sensitive skin, or if you are using an acne treatment already on your skin, you may want to pass on the medicated acne cleansers.

Don’t Focus on Price

There are a lot of different prices on these acne facial cleansing products. Though it’s always tempting to go with the least expensive in hopes that it will work, these really do tend to be the type of cleansers that will make your skin feel dry, tight, and uncomfortable. If you want to buy an effective acne facial cleanser, try to focus more on how the cleanser makes your skin feel rather than the price. It may take a bit of trial and error to find the right cleanser for you, but once you do find it, you’ll be glad that you did.

Still Confused?

If you feel overwhelmed and have no idea where you should start in trying to find the right can cleanser for you, ask your doctor, a dermatologist, or even an esthetician for recommendations. This is the best way to get professional and personalized recommendations for products that have the best chance of working for you and your skin.

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