The “10 Minutes or Less” Pedicure

For those of you who are short on time but still want those gorgeous toes to show off in those hot new sandals, here’s what you need:

  • Nail polish remover
  • A nail file
  • Quick dry nail polish (or quick dry nail color serum)
  • Foot lotion

Ready? Set… GO!

Step 1: Get Rid of the Old Nail Polish

Before you do anything to your toes, make sure that you get rid of all of that old nail color. Even if you are planning on using the same color again, do not continue to add more and more layers of the same color to your toes. Remove any nail polish once it begins to chip and peel, and replace it with a fresh coat. This ensures that your nails stay healthy and it will help prevent them from becoming stained.

When you are removing your nail polish, try to use a non-acetone based nail polish that has moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe vera, grapeseed oil, and Vitamin E. That way you will be removing your nail polish without completely drying out your nails.

TIP: Even if you don’t have nail polish on your toes, unless you have stepped right out of the shower, run some nail polish remover over your toes to remove any residual oils that may interfere with the adherence of your nail polish.

Step 2: File and shape your nails

If you don’t have long toe nails, skip the nail clippers and go straight to the file. Filing is preferable over clipping the nails as it helps you shape the nail better and you have better control over the length of the nail. Take care to file down the sides and edges of the nails so as to give them a more soft shape and appearance.

Step 3: The Quickie Foot Massage

Make sure you give your toes a bit of TLC while you are giving yourself a pedicure and rub them down with a moisturizing lotion, especially ones that have alpha hydroxyl acids (also known a AHAs) in them. AHAs help our feet as they help exfoliate the skin, meaning that the moisturizing properties of the lotion can be absorbed well and give us softer skin. Pay particular attention to rubbing the lotion into your heels, the balls of your feet, and other skin that has become rough and tough.

Step 4: Apply the Polish

Throw a toe separator between those toes and break out the quick dry nail polish color. Sweep the nail color over your toe nails in even, smooth strokes, and make sure that you keep the layer of nail polish fairly thin. This will help allow the nail polish to dry completely.

TIP: Don’t be surprised if the “quick dry” nail polish color doesn’t dry in the 60 seconds it promises. You may need to wait an extra few minutes for the nail polish to dry, but it is still far faster than waiting for the traditional nail polish formulas to dry!

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