Loving Long Hair Past Forty

In the past it was suggested that women who have long hair and who are over the age of 40 only appear older, dowdy, or even ridiculous having beautiful long hair, and that long hair on an older woman is a woman desperately clinging to her youth.

It’s time to throw those old beliefs and ideas aside. Look at the celebrities that we have today who are over 40 and who have long hair: Sandra Bullock, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Anniston and Demi Moore. All of these women are absolutely gorgeous, are over 40 and they have long hair.If you’re thinking about keeping your hair long, here are some things to help support that decision, by the way here is a great guide from Monica Davis on how to choose a hair brush straightener.

“Trends” are “Trends” for a Reason

A trend is something that floats into our life, and floats right back out after a certain period of time, meaning that it never just stays put. This really questions the integrity of a trend and whether or not it should be followed. So though your hair stylist may tell you that having a short ‘do is “trendy” this season, hold on to your hair and keep it the way you want it to.

TIP: Think of you having long hair over 40 as a way to start your very own “trend”!

Long Hair is your Signature Style

You may not realize it, but your hair is a very big part of how others perceive and identify you. A lot of women may not realize it, but if they have long hair that tends to be something that people make note of and will recognize as being “you”. Long hair may also just simply suit your personality better than the short pixie cut that yesterday’s magazine said would suit your face type.

Long Hair doesn’t have to be “Young Hair”

Why should we think that having long hair means youthful hair? If you’re over 40 and you think that people are looking at you strangely because you have long hair, that is probably more your own insecure perceptions than being the actual truth. Fact of the matter is that if you carry yourself with confidence, no one will mistake you as a “forty-something” trying to look the same as a “twenty-something”.

Styling your Long Hair

Keeping hair long while being older means that you will need to have regular hair appointments for upkeep purposes. While younger women can get away with having that shapeless, draping hair, long boring hair tends to only age 40-somethings rather than help make them appear more youthful. There are some easy things you can do to help ensure that your hair looks youthful and up-to-date: style your hair by your own with a help of popular tools such as best straightening brushes.

Cut in some layers! Make sure that how they are cut is flattering to your face. Shorter pieces around the face are almost always suitable for any hair type.

Throw in some highlights and/or low lights. You don’t need to dye your entire head to keep your hair looking fresh and youthful. Even if you are starting to go grey, adding some highlights or low lights to your hair will give your hair more dimensions. People may very well mistake the greys as being part of the highlight shade!

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