How To Keep Nail Polish From Chipping

Often within a matter of days of getting or giving ourselves a manicure, the nail polish begins to slowly chip around the edges or at the sides, which means we have to spend even more time trying to repair the nail polish or even the nail if it has been damaged by the chipping.

Though it may seem impossible to keep your nail polish in place, there are some tricks you can use that will help keep that polish on your fingertips. Before you do your own manicure next time, try any number of these tips to ensure your nails look at gorgeous for as long as possible:

Tip #1: Always wear a base coat and top coat

There is nothing more important to keeping your nail polish on for as long as possible as applying a base coat and a top coat. A basecoat helps the nail polish color adhere to your nails, meaning that it won’t chip nearly as easily as if you were to go without it. Wearing a basecoat has other benefits for your nails, such as keeping your nails from becoming stained by the nail polish and you can also choose formulas that can help strengthen your fingernails. Top coats help seal in the color and protect the polish from chipping.

Tip #2: Apply nail polish over clean nails only

Having clean, dry nails is essential to having nail polish that will stay put. Our hands and nails have natural oils that coat them, oils that can keep the nail polish from adhering to our fingernails properly. Wash your hands with soap and water, and give your nails a bit of a scrub with a nail scrubber to really get rid of any remaining oil or dirt.

Tip #3: Apply thin coats only

Applying thin coats of nail polish allows for the nail polish to properly adhere to the nail. If you lay on two thick coats of nail polish rather than two or three thin coats, you will not only be waiting longer for your nail polish to dry, but the nail polish will also chip easier and may bubble.

TIP: When you are applying the nail polish, make sure that you paint your nails right to the very tip.

Tip #4: Shimmer shades last longer

If you want a long lasting nail color, then choose a shimmer shade. The grainy texture that is created by the sparkles helps the nail polish stick to the nails better, and the sparkles also provide better protection from daily wear and tear.

Tip #5: Let your nail polish dry

It’s important for you to allow each and every coat of nail polish to fully dry before applying another coat. This will ensure that your nail polish is given ample time to fully harden and cling to your fingernail. It is generally recommended that you wait at least 45 minutes after applying nail polish to touch or pick up anything.

TIP: Once your nails have dried, place the tips of your nails in cold water to help seal the nail polish, and the apply lotion to your hands.

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