How To Get Your Toes Summer-Ready

If your feet are in dire need of some TLC and need to get summer-ready, follow the steps below to getting smoother, beautiful feet that will look fantastic in those brand new sandals you bought last week.

Step 1: Remove Old Nail Polish

If you have any old nail polish that has been left to chip away during the last few weeks, it’s time to break out the non-acetone nail polish remover and take it off. Treat your toenails to a remover that has moisturizing qualities, such as vitamin E or aloe vera. This will improve the quality of your nails which means that your toenails will look better, too.

Step 2: The Soak

To help soften up your toenails and your feet, sit back and relax with your feet in a basin of warm water. If you have a special foot massaging tub, all the better! Keep your feet in the basin for about 10 minutes, and then pat them dry with a soft, thick towel.

Step 3: Trim the Toenails

Make sure that the toenail clippers you have are sharp so you will be able to make a clean cut. The best way to clip the toenails is to clip them straight across. When your nails are dry, take out your emery board and sweep the board around the edges and across the top. Make sure you file your nails in one direction only rather than using a back-and-forth “sawing” motion.

Step 4: Moisturize your Feet

Take out a pumice stone and gently scrub at any hardened areas of your feet, such as the heel or the bottom of the feet. Take some oil or a foot moisturizing product and massage them into your cuticles, and then gently push the cuticles on your toenails back with an orange stick. After that, apply the foot lotion to the entire foot and massage it into both feet.

Step 5: Apply Nail Polish

Before you apply nail polish to your feet, you will want to remove any excess moisturizer or lotion or oil from your toenail area. A towel being wiped over the area is probably fine, though you can also use nail polish remove to remove any of the excess oils. Apply a base coat and wait for it to dry.

Next, take the nail polish of your choice and, after removing any excess polish from the brush, paint one single stroke down the very center of your toenail. Now stroke the brush right along each side of your toenail until the toenail has complete coverage. Use this process for each of your toenails. Wait for each coat you apply to fully dry before applying the next coat. Once you have applied every coat of colored polish to your toenails, apply a top coat over your nail polish to keep the polish fresh and free from chipping for as long as possible.

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