Hottest Nail Polish Shades For Winter 2011

The trendiest colors this season are all darker tones that also have an element of shimmer and shine.

Rescue Beauty Lounge – the Tudor Collection: “Catherine H”

A long-winded name for a beautiful shade of nail polish. This color is named after one of Henry VIII’s wives whose life was ended by an untimely beheading. Rumor has it that this shimmering blue nail polish color was her favorite shade, so Rescue Beauty Lounge just couldn’t resist replicating the color. Named one of the best nail polish shades by Vogue for fall 2010, this nail polish shade changes colors and tones as you move into different lighting – from gold specks to pink flecks, from lighter blue tones to darker – this nail polish will keep everyone guessing.

Essie Winter “Smokin’ Hot”

Further proving that dark, dramatic shades are in this year, Essie Winter brings us “Smokin’ Hot”, a dark eggplant-grey toned shade of nail polish that is exactly what this winter trend is asking for. It’s rich, it’s neutral so you can wear it with any outfit, and any skin tone can pull it off.

Barielle “Snow Day”

If you are looking for a lighter shade to wear, then Barielle’s icy blue “Snow Day” is the right shade for you. This nail polish is a cold, light blue loaded with blue and silver metallic undertones. As an added bonus, Barielle prides themselves on not including any formaldehyde, tolune or dibutyl-phthalate to their nail polish tones, so your nails will be healthier and stronger.

Dior “Bronze Libertine”

Stately and refined, this “minxy” shade is the color everyone will be looking for this season. This nail polish is a deep rich brown color that is accompanied by golden flecks to really give you beautiful fingertips. Women love this shade so much that Vogue named this as the best nail polish of fall 2010, and it’s still hot this season!

Zoya’s “Kelly”

Kelly is only what can be described as the perfect combination of blue, grey and a soft, pretty purple. Much like Essie’s “Smokin’ Hot” above, this color is a fantastic neutral shade that can be worn with any outfit and which can be worn by any skin tone.

MAC’s “Soiree”

If you are looking to add a touch of glitter to your fingertips, then MAC’s “Soiree” is the perfect shade for you. As a light sparkly bronze gold shade, this color will lift any winter blues you may be experiencing this season.

China Glaze’s “Ruby Pumps”

And here comes the seasonal red shade. No red shade is more beautiful than China Glaze’s “Ruby Pumps”. As the name suggests, it truly does look like red pumps in a bottle. It’s color can be described as both modern and classic, and the added dusting of shimmer in the bottle only makes it all the more gorgeous.

TIP: For your manicure, request to have your nails shortened and with a rounded tip to really pull off the trendy colors and tones this season.

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